Who we are

Jangada is a name connected to the Brazilian cultural roots, it is a fisherman's boat in the Northeast region of Brazil.

A nonprofit organization under the 1091 law, Jangada was created by French and Brazilian folks wanting to preserve the Brazilian cultural identity in a globalist context.

Its objective is to promote Brazilian culture in France and the world, organizing artistic and cultural events: movie festivals, concerts, photography and art exhibitions, video art installations, conferences, literary debates, professional meetings...

Jangada is completely involved in the events it organizes, and also offers its collaboration to other associations or events.

As a mediator of the audio-visual cooperation between the film industry professionals in Brazil and other parts of the world, the Brazilian Film Festival in Paris is the biggest event celebrating the creative Brazilian cinema outside of Brazil. It's also the most important marketplace for Brazilian films in PAris. The festival has showcased more than 600 films, most in worldwide premieres, with an audience of over 200 thousand people. More than 30 features have been sold to European distributers and TV channels.

Jangada is a big player in the international distribution of Brazilian films:

– 21 Brazilian Film Festivals in Paris
– 13 Brazil Film Festivals in Toronto
– 13 Brazil Film Festivals in Montreal
– 1 Latin-Amnerican Cultural Festival in Doha, Qatar
– Several Brazilian film releases in France


Jangada VoD is an online streaming platform offering European internet users films that highlight Brazil and its rich cinematographic production. Despite an annual production of around 160 works of fiction and documentaries, Brazilian cinema remains little known and hardly accessible to foreign audiences. In France, the country where Jangada was born, barely 10% of this production has a theatrical release, and the rare films shown on the big screen stays in theaters for very little time.

Jangada VoD therefore wishes to build an eclectic and representative catalog of the potential of Brazilian cinema, also bringing together Euro-Brazilian co-productions and European films that are looking to Brazil.

A catalog that aims to reach a large audience, with the promise of entertaining as well as to reflect, to shock as to move, but above all, to bring to the screen the different faces of the same Brazil.


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